Excuse my french!

Since few weeks I have lost my blog mojo. I enjoyed writing these pages and then I faced a very sad situation and then…no more words.

I though maybe I should switch to french, my mother language, to write more spontaneously and then I realized that despite much less vocabulary and subtelties available, english has now became my natural way of communicating.

Also I do not want to lose the chance to reach without barriers any nationality and this is the huge gift of speaking english.

But let’s come back on the flow of inspiration or rather the lack of flow; what to write when words do not come easily?

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The recipe to Happiness

It all started last Friday on the occasion of a good dinner with 2 of my best friends in Dubai. You know this type of perfect dinner when you feel so relaxed that you can stay forever around the table enjoying good food and wine and exchanging ideas forever about love, life and dreams.

Then my friend Ale came with this question: What is happiness for you?

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