Tasty & Healthy, a selection of recipe books

Have you noticed? Nowadays we are often chocked by horrible videos showing how animals are killed in slaughterhouses often in disgusting conditions (Breathe, I will not relay these, although I did on my Facebook because sometimes it is good to face the hard reality of our industrial way of eating).

My purpose today is not to tell you to stop eating meat, but for those of you troubled by the idea that in a way we are directly contributing to this pain, and who would like to significantly reduce their consumption of meat, i would like to encourage you because there are alternatives and very tasty ones!

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An afternoon in Goa…while staying in Dubai

Often when talking about Dubai, the feeling is all about “bling bling” and posh places extremely expensive where how you dress is much more important than the quality of the food.

No, no, no! Things have changed a lot since that time. Now in Dubai it is all about healthy food, authenticity and originality. Yes, there is a real trend which i hope is there to last for long.

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