The Liebster Award

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My cousin Caroline, alias The Canest, who is an excellent blogger and photographer, invited me to participate to the Liebster Award.

The idea behind this chain of posts is to promote other blogs while sharing more details about my sources of inspiration.

I have been invited to give 11 info on me, answer 11 questions and then ask 11 of my favorite blogers to introduce themselves through another 11 questions and info. This is a lot of 11!

I must say it is a quiet intimate exercise so i was waiting for the right peaceful moment to prepare this post. This long week-end in Dubai is the perfect chance.

Rather than writing loads of text I prefer to create a mood board, extracted from my Instagram account, to illustrate my main sources of inspiration and joy in life:

When travelling, are you more a city or a nature person? Both, as long as it is authentic. My favorite city so far to visit is Amsterdam in early automn and especially the Jordan area and as far as nature is concerned i believe nothing can exceed the gorgeous lagoons from my childhood island, Martinique.
When travelling, do you prefer a long lunch or a quick snack to visit a maximum? I like to take time for a healthy lunch in a vibrant creative local outlet. In Bali i recommend Cafe Organic by Garden Ganstas and in Dubai the famous Omnia Gourmet in Jumeirah Fish Harbour or Comptoir 102 on Beach Road.
Tell us about your next destination? Maldives!! So much looking forward to it. It has been on my bucket list for ages and i am so excited the dream is becoming true. I ll be staying at Taj Exotica Resort and it seems to be the perfect choice for a romantic and super relaxing escape.
What is your favorite escape destination? Such a difficult choice! I have had the chance to discover so many gorgeous places recently. I believe one of my favorite is the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. For a delightful yoga retreat i highly recommend a combo between 2 holistic boutique hotels: Absolute Sanctuary and Kamalaya.
How do you prepare your trips: Lonely, Routard or Instagram? Definitely Instagram. I love to scroll the accounts of my favorite bloggers to catch new inspirations. Travel Junkie Diary and Dame Traveler are among the most inspiring.
What is the 1st thing you check when preparing a trip? If there is a direct flight from Dubai, preferably on the perfect Emirates Airlines. I believe the holiday spirit should start right from the suitcase preparation and that is obviously including a confortable lounge and air transportation.
According to you an escape holiday means total digital detox or Instagram overdose? If i see something beautiful or poetic i instantly want to capture it and share it preferably on Instagram. I confess i am an Instagram addict: i chose carefully who i follow to secure a daily dose of smiles, dreams and inspirations like the beautiful account of Allee des Roses.
A precious info for a new traveler? Prepare, prepare and let space for the unexpected. I mean book in advance hotels, popular restaurants and shows or museums but also keep in your schedule some free time to just walk peacefully in a chosen area, randomly pushing doors of small typical boutiques and cute cafes…a good Instagram pic might always been around the corner…like the magic boutique of Magalie Pascal in Seminyak.
For you, travelling is exceptional or a lifestyle ? Because of the nature of my work as an expat having family and close ones abroad, travelling is a lifestyle. I travel for work, i travel to visit family and friends and i travel to discover the world. It makes me happy, it inspires me each time, it gives me time during long hours in the plane to reflect on my next steps and new ideas.
What is the 1st word coming to your mind if i say “Miami”? I am sorry, Dearest Caroline, i can’t keep one: teenager, sunset, salsa, yoga, beach, party, fun, need to visit soon…and the list goes on!
What do you think about when things are not so bright? I think about this sentence from Audrey Hepburn:


Now here are my questions for the blogs i invite you to discover:

  1. What is your morning routine?
  2. What is your ideal week-end made of?
  3. Your 3 next dreams to accomplish?
  4. Your favorite address for a cosy brunch?
  5. Your favorite outfit for a party night?
  6. Your favorite book?
  7. What do you do to lift your mood?
  8. A beauty secret?
  9. When you pack what are your 3 must have?
  10. Your feel good movie
  11. An inspiring author?

I invite the following lovely bloggers to answer my questions and continue this chain:

  1. Travel Junky Diary
  2. Cachemire & Soie
  3. Deliciously Ella
  4. Dame Traveler
  5. The EveryGirl
  6. The Glass Passage
  7. Meryl Denis
  8. So Chic UAE
  9. My little fabric
  10. Annika Von Holdt
  11. Magalie Pascal


One thought on “The Liebster Award

  1. Merci Bea pour ces mots tellement gentils! Et merci de t’être prêtée à cet exercice un peu plus personnel… J’aime suivre dans tes beaux voyages, moi aussi, un peu addict à IG je l’avoue! J’espère que tu auras bientôt l’occasion de venir à Miami!


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