A few of my favorites

Joyfully blogged while listening: Don’t be so Shy – Imany

Often i am being asked where i find inspiration to design my home #lamaisondebea. Of course there are the obvious pinterest and instagram but today i thought it might be useful to share some blogs and insta accounts which i find very exciting and exactly in harmony with my aesthetic tastes.

The 1st one is my morning dose of smile and inspiration: The Every Girl

It is like your dream on line magazine, sharing beautiful advices on all thematics from money saving to food diet not forgetting beauty and travel and of course my very favorite Home Tour.

Recently thanks to The Every Girl, i have discovered the beautiful work of Anna Tsoulogiannis alias AnnaWith Love. She is a very talented photographer selling on line very poetic shots of London, Paris, NYC and  Greece.

If you follow my home design you must know by now how much i enjoy collecting beautiful photo shots and display them on the wall on little Ikea shelves which allow me to change regularly the composition.

Since i discovered the irresistible work of AnnaWithLove, i am obsessed with the idea of ordering plenty of her photographies to give a beautiful addition to #lamaisondebea

Last, i cannot resist to share with you this gorgeous instagram account @annikavonholdt

She is a successful writer and former model. Her life is fascinating between Bahamas, Copenhagen and Paris. She has the most spot on sense of style, a sharp sense of humour and of course a cat!

I hope these home design sources will inspire you and that after reading this you’ll enjoy the “homedecomania”





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