Excuse my french!

Since few weeks I have lost my blog mojo. I enjoyed writing these pages and then I faced a very sad situation and then…no more words.

I though maybe I should switch to french, my mother language, to write more spontaneously and then I realized that despite much less vocabulary and subtelties available, english has now became my natural way of communicating.

Also I do not want to lose the chance to reach without barriers any nationality and this is the huge gift of speaking english.

But let’s come back on the flow of inspiration or rather the lack of flow; what to write when words do not come easily?

So I thought tonight because I feel a bit blue and knowing it is a phase to be accepted and to learn to live with, I would rather focus on the things that make me smile these days rather than the melancholy.

Here are 5 of my “petits bonheurs” or in english “small happiness” these last days.

  • Reading a moving and joyful novel, loved up in the sofa under a warm blanket and even better with a cat sleeping and purring next to me. Many of my favorite novels are written  by Jane Green. I would advise “Straight Talking” to start with.
  • Reading ( again reading always) on my ipad the french ELLE magazine, to keep up with the latest trends from home, while sipping the very best flavored tea I know: Milky Blue by Mariages Freres and snacking hazelnuts and goji berries.
  • Waking up early in the morning, to have time to meditate, stretch and yoga…and even better write few dreams in a journal. It sets the tone for an harmonious and peaceful day despite the obvious unexpected sources of stress. To know more about this approach I strongly recommend the very inspiring book from Hal Elrod, the miracle morning ( now also available in french).
  • Instagram! I reckon i am a crazy instagramer. Sometimes I feel I have a camera replacing my eyes considering the esthetic aspect of any situation I am living. Am I sick doctor? I do not think so. On the contrary I feel this passion echoes nicely my habit to always seek for beauty and soothing emotions in all circumstances. Recently my instagram accounts “coup de coeur” are: @hippieinheelsblog @caroline.till @traveljunkiediary and of course the famous @yoga_girl
  • Listening to cheerful music and dance spontaneously in the middle of the living room or in the garden and sing out as loud as possible (mostly in my car because who knows someone might hear me) and I believe right now the most up lifting tracks are: Adventure of a lifetime by Coldplay and Can’t stop the feeling! by Justin Timberlake



Hey! it looks like I am writing again…in english.

Now your turn, let’s share our little bonheurs. I am curious to read about yours.

2 thoughts on “Excuse my french!

  1. Your flow seems to be back already, dear Bea! Thanks for the quote ;:)
    Great petits bonheurs indeed! I randomly watched a “Carlton dance” yesterday, I’d strongly recommand it too!
    Read you soon…..

    Liked by 1 person

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