Tasty & Healthy, a selection of recipe books

Have you noticed? Nowadays we are often chocked by horrible videos showing how animals are killed in slaughterhouses often in disgusting conditions (Breathe, I will not relay these, although I did on my Facebook because sometimes it is good to face the hard reality of our industrial way of eating).

My purpose today is not to tell you to stop eating meat, but for those of you troubled by the idea that in a way we are directly contributing to this pain, and who would like to significantly reduce their consumption of meat, i would like to encourage you because there are alternatives and very tasty ones!

Often when I tell about my choice to stop eating meat, I see very sorry looks around me. How can you be french, the country of “the saucisson” and not eating meat?! It must be so boring!

Superbly easily! I have gathered a collection of fantastic cook books offering the best diversity of savors for all occasions and without a single piece of meat.

My favorite one at the moment is Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward: A delight for the eyes with gorgeous pictures and can’t fail healthy recipes. Ella recently released a second book, Deliciously Ella Every Day, which I am now extensively exploring. Moreover, just following Ella on instagram is already mouth watering and her blog is packed with food that will make you feel good and balanced.

Other of my favorites at the moment are: Giada’s Feel Good Food by Giada de Laurentis, Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw and the extremely informative and motivating Eat. Nourish. Glow. by Amelia Freer.

You are all set, time to cook and discover new ways to indulge excellent meals!

So tonight I wonder, are you indeed swapping slowly slowly or even sharply meat for the goodness of plants? And if yes what are your sources of inspiration? I would be happy to receive your ideas in the comments here under. Bon appetit!





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