An afternoon in Goa…while staying in Dubai

Often when talking about Dubai, the feeling is all about “bling bling” and posh places extremely expensive where how you dress is much more important than the quality of the food.

No, no, no! Things have changed a lot since that time. Now in Dubai it is all about healthy food, authenticity and originality. Yes, there is a real trend which i hope is there to last for long.

To conclude a very relaxing week-end i have decided to visit a mysterious place, hidden in Jumeirah: One Cafe.

When i write “mysterious” i use the word on purpose because it took me a good 15 minutes to figure out where the entrance of the “sanctuary” was (you need to deserve your paradise garden!).

But why “sanctuary”? Because One cafe is part of Life’n One Center dedicated to well being in general.

Well being with yoga classes on a roof top ( not tested yet, keep this space!), different holistic services (think meditation and personal development) and of course the delicious cafe.

One Cafe is as you would expect, serving non dairy, non gluten, non sugar, organic food, and…it’s absolutely delicious. The best part is probably the crazy garden surrounding, very hippy style, which clearly reminded me of a recent trip to Goa. The crowd is also very interesting (yes i confess, a bit of gentle spying) with a mix of cool kids and relaxing families. The common point is undeniably a taste for authenticity and the wish to unwind out of the turmoil of Dubai.

The One Cafe is open every days from 10AM to 6PM – Situated in Jumeirah 1 behind Magrudy – All details, here.


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