A few of my favorites

Joyfully blogged while listening: Don’t be so Shy – Imany

Often i am being asked where i find inspiration to design my home #lamaisondebea. Of course there are the obvious pinterest and instagram but today i thought it might be useful to share some blogs and insta accounts which i find very exciting and exactly in harmony with my aesthetic tastes.

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#travellingbea, the check-list

Blogged, dreaming of sunny holidays while listening to: Cake by the Ocean by DNCE

I am flying soon to a paradise island for yoga holidays. I always travel with too much luggage and this time i gave myself the personal challenge to pack light. Of course the weather forecast will help with high temperatures and on going sunshine…and like this i am certain to have space left for plenty of local shopping!

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Excuse my french!

Since few weeks I have lost my blog mojo. I enjoyed writing these pages and then I faced a very sad situation and then…no more words.

I though maybe I should switch to french, my mother language, to write more spontaneously and then I realized that despite much less vocabulary and subtelties available, english has now became my natural way of communicating.

Also I do not want to lose the chance to reach without barriers any nationality and this is the huge gift of speaking english.

But let’s come back on the flow of inspiration or rather the lack of flow; what to write when words do not come easily?

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Tasty & Healthy, a selection of recipe books

Have you noticed? Nowadays we are often chocked by horrible videos showing how animals are killed in slaughterhouses often in disgusting conditions (Breathe, I will not relay these, although I did on my Facebook because sometimes it is good to face the hard reality of our industrial way of eating).

My purpose today is not to tell you to stop eating meat, but for those of you troubled by the idea that in a way we are directly contributing to this pain, and who would like to significantly reduce their consumption of meat, i would like to encourage you because there are alternatives and very tasty ones!

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A postcard from Ras Al Khaimah

Today a bit of geography class.

I am very certain the readers living in the UAE will not learn a lot and just enjoy the pictures but some of you might be less familiar with the much talked about U.A.E.

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The recipe to Happiness

It all started last Friday on the occasion of a good dinner with 2 of my best friends in Dubai. You know this type of perfect dinner when you feel so relaxed that you can stay forever around the table enjoying good food and wine and exchanging ideas forever about love, life and dreams.

Then my friend Ale came with this question: What is happiness for you?

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This post is to say thank you.

Thank you to my friends and family who are encouraging me to write this blog because at my age it is easy to think they are many other more serious things to do.

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An afternoon in Goa…while staying in Dubai

Often when talking about Dubai, the feeling is all about “bling bling” and posh places extremely expensive where how you dress is much more important than the quality of the food.

No, no, no! Things have changed a lot since that time. Now in Dubai it is all about healthy food, authenticity and originality. Yes, there is a real trend which i hope is there to last for long.

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